He ran for gold
And a record to uphold
With lightning speed
What else does he need?

Became a sprinting lord
Breaking several records
Running past many
Faster than the spin of a penny

Gold medals cleaved to his neck
Beautiful wreaths to his arms
Cameras capturing every speck
He became a world champ

His name surfed the world
Of the speed he unfurled
“The god of speed”
Who broke the sporting creed

But a race came
Each expected the same game
The god of speed winning
Until fate told a different story in his sprinting

The guns went off
With a deft takeoff
Each racer charging for the finish line
As if they were drunk on wine

Like the herd of cheetahs
Fire in the eyes, wind to their legs
Feet lighter than a cleg
It was a historic drama

Finally the line
And the racers dived in
Still panting on race lines
Monitors had results, and god of speed was beaten

Another emerged winner
In a great distance
A man who was taken to be lower
Stunned the crowd to silence

The great speedster was left powerless
into shock the world was thrown
So was the greatness
Taken by another man alone.

Inspired by Usain Bolt’s last race which he lost.

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