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Truthfully, I would not have read this book if I didn’t hear of her death and not because I didn’t hear about it beforehand. But somehow, the book came into my possession and I decided to read it. It is not a decision I regret. WOW! The book was amazing from the very first line. I could not wait to finish it!

The book made me feel so many things at the same time like the way this quote,

Maybe you’re right again, my senior. Yet the more i think about it, the more I realise that we women set impossible standards for ourselves. We make life intolerable for one another.

made me feel so sad yet so aware. At some points in the book, I felt happy and angry at the same time. I couldn’t believe how much Nnu Ego, the daughter of such great people, particularly a great woman, could descend and live so poorly. I tried to see things from Nnaife’s point of view but I couldn’t help feeling that he was selfish and so much like a child.

My favourite character has to be Adaku. I loved how she didn’t let circumstances hinder her from getting what she wanted and didn’t let society stop her. At some point in the book, I almost cried and had to tip my head back to stop the tears. The quotes that stayed with me the most are

But who made the law that we should not hope in our daughters? We women subscribe to that law more than anyone. Until we change all this, its still a man’s world, which women will always help to build.


God, when will you create a woman who will be fulfilled in herself, a full human being, not anybody’s appendage?

Overall, I would give the book five stars because it was so beautifully written and the story progressed so perfectly. I loved it!


Author: Buchi Emecheta

Publisher: George Braziller

Date of Publication: May 17, 1979

Pages: 224

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