lovers before they know about the graveyard

Unsure legs moved through the graveyard, and an even more unsure owner propelled them forward. He walked slowly with his feet often brushing against thorns, his sneakers protecting him from the otherwise pain. His fear almost held him from moving on, but his excitement was even greater. And so he found himself continuing on through the graveyard using only the moonlight to find a path.

He slipped out his buzzing phone from his pocket and saw her name flashing on the screen. With a renewed sense of motivation, he switched from unsure steps into a brisk walk. He became unminding of the harsh wind and thorns that tried to keep him from her and his paranoia slipped to the back of his mind.

“Hello!” He whispered into the phone as he answered the call, perhaps for the fear of awaking sleeping spirits.

“Where are you?!” She said, seemingly irritated.

“I’m almost there.” he answered and hung up.

He was once again flooded with excitement as he thought of what he had planned for the night. His legs seemed to move too slowly, no matter how fast he walked. All that prevented him from running was the thought of arriving there sweaty.

He took a moment to look around, the light that streamed from the full moon was enough. It bathed everywhere in a silvery glow, it looked almost ethereal. Tombstones rose out of the ground, like silent soldiers in the night. They made him feel uneasy and queasy, as though he was being watched by people he could not see. A slight shiver coursed through him, making him pull his jacket tighter and increase his pace.

His phone was buzzing again. He slipped it out and saw her name flashing on the screen. He looked ahead and saw a shape in the distance, one that could only be hers. After the briefest consideration, he picked the call.

“Hello?” He said, still not louder than he had previously.

“Where are you?!!” She was shouting now, uncaring.

“Chill, look behind you.” He raised his free hand in the air, and waved.

She stood and started to walk towards him. She picked her way through the thorns with precaution, so that she was fast and still graceful. Seeing her then, he could do nothing to hold back his excitement. Blood rushed to his head and then somewhere else, an uncomfortable swelling now between his legs. Even though he told her otherwise, he had actually never had sex. Out here, they could get as loud as they wanted to and no one could see or hear them.

They finally met each other, close to a grave that seemed relatively new so there were no thorns there. All the excitement had left him, all he felt was anxiety and nervousness. His mind was plagued with all the numerous things that could go wrong. She spread a mat over one of the thornless graves and sat.

“Won’t you join me?” She smiled, as though she knew all of his thoughts.

He felt more unsure than before as he took out his phone and sat next to her.

“This place looks creepy, especially at night.” She said, smiling as if excited rather than fearful.

“Yes, it sure does.” He returned a forceful smile.

“You are insolent, and you shall pay.” Were the next words that came out of her mouth. He creased his eyebrows, unsure of what he had heard.

“What did you say?” He was sure someone else had said it.

“Nothing – You shall pay for your grave disrespect of the dead.” Only the first word had come out in her voice, the rest came out in an airy voice right after her eyes rolled back into her head. She grasped for him, and he leaned back.

“This isn’t funny,” He choked out. “You should stop it.”

She remained silent, only trying even more to lay her hands on him. Her expression scared him. No, not her expression, it was her lack of a facial expression that scared him, along with her rolled back eyes that had gone completely white. He doubted very much that white eyes like that were natural.

He soon found himself on his feet, clumsily hitting tombstones as he ran. The tombstones seemed to hiss each time he kicked them, he blamed that on his paranoia.

He looked behind him, and she looked nothing like she had before. Her dress was ripped in several places where the thorns had tried to grab it, her hair scattered and her gracefulness lost. She did not pick her way carefully through the graveyard now, she seemed only intent on catching him. He kicked another tombstone, and it left its previous position this time.


He stopped when he heard this, not knowing where to run. It was as though the voice came from all around him, neither masculine nor feminine. Just an ethereal voice that seemed to manifest itself.

Silvery shapes rose from the tombstones, with the silvery light of the moon still passing through them. Screams overwhelmed him from all directions, the pitch so high he wondered how it was possible. As if there was something attracting them, they all streaked to him at the same time, spiralling  around him. Their screams continued on.

One then rose out of the ground in front of him and his consciousness was lost forever.

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