Who would’ve seen me last week?
And said I’d soon be a corpse that would reek
That today, I’ll be buried six feet under
I’d certainly have yelled “That’s a blunder”

I’m all alone in this dark abyss
I so wished for a long and better life
And thought I deserved a world of bliss
But those fantasies crumbled by a knife

I’m having a solemn funeral
I really can’t bear seeing Temi cry
My tombstone was pretty fine and sculptural
Catchy as can be, who wants to die?

My body feels like stone, it’s so numb
Why is Dan sober? He wanted me dead
I would do anything just to console Mum
And blurt some words I left unsaid

Remi just said he’s going to miss me
Favour said she would always send me roses
I know I’m like dirt thrown into the sea
They’ll move on when the grief decomposes

Like in the movies, today it rained
Seeing my family distraught like this,
Breaks my heart and I’m so pained
Sometimes I ask, what if the knife made a near miss?

My true and last love
It’ll be a pain watching over you
When I see you curse and wail from up above
It’s yet another reason to rue

– Agbaoye Adedeji Tobi

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