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Right in her eyes,
a spilling thrill left me a surprise
glowing like a swarm of fireflies
no day, no dusk but a galaxy in guise
beautiful than the skies

I fell!
In a way I can’t tell
no chants, no magic, No spell
but it assassinated me well
like Myrtle leaves in hell

I felt you;
in my heart and it keeps me subdued
each emotion is true
felt beyond what I can think through
even when it’s complicated as yue

Touching my heart
and it kept beating fast
each beat delving deeper into my past
and I fear you shall depart
like the others,but with you I want to restart

So be my pain
thoughts of you wrap my brain
least to keep me sane
staring at the window pane
reflecting our hearts as knotted ane

Be my everyday
yesterday was gone just as today
I want every moment to keep me gay
this love is our forte
even if I sound fey

Be my sin
allow me fall like autumn leaves, deep within
In the warmth of your arms,I want to be buried in
until the cold wears thin
I ache in loneliness and you’re my only win

Know this
I feel full well what is
for my heart is an abyss
and you’re my only bliss
I knew I was starving after our first kiss

My love, my dear;
I would wipe each tear
with my tender palms and keep you near
close to chest,my heart, forever in there
I’m not Shakespeare
but I love you, this piece of poetry is all I have to spare.


Teniola Ajewole is a creative who is passionate about poetry and photography. You can read more of his work on Instagram @_ajewole.

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