In a far away land
Filled much with desert sand
There lived a king mighty above all others
To his will lords bent their orders

Then one lovely morning
He fell into mourning
For his bride had died
And no one stood by his side

He summoned all his mages
And fell into rages
For no one could at his whim
Bring her back to him

Rumours of a new king spread
In whispers by those who dared
At this new king’s wake
Everyone would quake

It came to the king’s hearing
And he accused everyone of jeering
It spread that the new king was mightier
Even though he wasn’t knightly-er

The king demanded they dueled
And his anger this fueled
For he waited hours
But the new king had no desire to compare powers

The king fell into an endless sleep
For his soul had gone too deep
He should have given the new king a wide berth
But he instead challenged death

You can find him on Instagram @the.unorthodox.first

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