I stared at the green bottles with a gloom,
A gloom born out of hearty pain.
Pain that seems to stick together with the heart like sticks of a broom,
A broom could help dust off this cobwebbed soul train.

I walked through something that looked like a threshold,
A threshold for the feet so I won’t find myself eating the earth.
The earth was looking elevated like something I could hold,
I could hold it but then I’ll be embarrassing myself.

So I pretended that I was fine.
Fine!, I’m drunk but not dumb,
“Dumbass!” my brain yelled as I left the diner.
“A dinner would be good when I get home”, so I thought.

Everything still blurry, I push start to ignition,
I never knew I got the one way ticket to heaven.
So as I drove, bright light of incoming headlamps blinded my organ of vision.
My car spun thrice even before I could count to seven!

“Foyin I won’t forgive you!” I muttered,
As blood drips from my face and fuel leaks.
Seconds counting and images flashing unordered,
Then the deep dark silence came in streaks!

Oni Remi John

Too much alcohol kills and an advice from me to whoever, no matter how old you are, depression and hurt will come; they don’t respect age, they only do to a matured mind and a faithful spirit!

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