Have you, recently, while thinking of where you are in this large space called life, thought about what you would have done differently, given the chance? Yes? No?

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If you have, then you’re in the same set of shoes as I am, Until recently anyway. Life sometimes throws you some curve balls and sometimes leaves you so weakened, you think of all those wrong choices you think you made. You may think, I wish I had taken that job, or I wish I had never met that girl, or I wish I had different parents (this is extreme), but if you really sit and think about it, you’ll notice that things actually work in your favour.

I’m a big fan of twitter and i’m almost always online. I saw this tweet where someone asked, “What is that thing you wish someone had told you when you were younger?”. I think that we all got everything we ever needed. ┬áIf you got something more or less than that, it means it isn’t useful yet or you didn’t need it.

Titilope Sonuga, who I have had the pleasure of meeting twice, loves to tell the story of how she became an award winning writer, poet and performer. It is in meeting her and listening to her that you will truly understand. She was a civil engineer for years before she became what she is now. Whether you agree or not, there’s a reason why she had to take that path first.

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You may feel confused and you may feel lost right now, but you have to remember that you are exactly where you are meant to be.This does not mean you should relent and wait for things to come to you. It just means that you should keep doing what you do and have faith that your efforts will reap amazing fruits.

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Finally, don’t look to the past so much, you might get stuck. Look instead to the future and learn from your past.

Cheers guys!

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