Art in Nigeria, in Africa, has come to stay. Creatives have begun to express themselves, breaking away from societal constructs and rigidity and now unabashedly create.

As a writer, a creative, you want people to read your work. You probably write for the joy that comes with putting your thoughts down on paper, to pass a message or to get lost in the words but ultimately, you want people to eventually read what ever you have written. The same goes for artists, poets and other artists.

The Books Field is a literary blog that aims to provide an audience for writers to share their work. It serves as a platform for upcoming writers to share their work, to review books, to discuss literary events. We accept work from all creatives, be it a photograph, a painting, a poem or a fictional or nonfictional piece.

Send your submissions to Join the conversation on Instagram at thebooksfield.

Submissions must be:

  • Well Edited
  • Original
  • Not previously published elsewhere.

We always want to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts about the posts in the comments section.

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