About The Blog

I created this platform, this community for book lovers so we can discuss those juicy books and collectively review those not so good books, to talk about our favourite authors and who knows, maybe one day, they’ll join us.

More importantly, aspiring writers can also send in their work and have an audience to constructively review it. It could be amazing but it also needs your help. Invite your book loving friends to come and join this community and send in their work. Make friends, express your unabashed thoughts and if you like, write a thing or two.

Join me, let us climb this fantastic roller coaster ride together.

If you’re on social media, you can join the discussion on twitter and Instagram at thebooksfield. If you have any problems with anything you see on this blog, you have a suggestion or advice to give or you wrote your masterpiece and cant wait to share it, contact me at thebookfield@gmail.com.

I always want to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts about the posts in the comments section.

About Me

My name is Simbiat and I’m Nigerian. My love for reading started with Harlequin books. Because of this, I’m the biggest believer in romance you will ever find. My friends almost always remind me that my head is always in the clouds. I love books, obviously, and i’m an introvert, which is┬ácommon among most book lovers I know.


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